Cash Tour Of London With MegaJackpots Monopoly Online Casino


As one of the most popular board games ever created, Monopoly is the perfect theme for one of Kerching’s exciting MegaJackpots slots games. All of your favourite features from the classic title are here, including many of the pricey properties that could earn you real money.

Compete for the massive top prize

The MegaJackpots series is notable for its impressive top prizes, and a potential win of £1.5 million certainly makes players sit up and take notice. This jackpot can grow as well, and will gradually add more cash the longer it goes unclaimed. Previous winners have been known to walk away with over £3 million.

How do I win the big money?

MegaJackpots Monopoly is a five-reel slots game with nine lucrative paylines, but what most players want to know is what they have to do to get their hands on the top prize. All it takes is five MegaJackpot symbols across the central payline during a maximum bet, providing endless excitement for high stakes players.

Rich Uncle Pennybags welcomes you

Many features from the board game crop up as you spin. Look out for the Pass Go bonus game, which gives you the chance to head round the board and pick up cash prizes for landing on properties, as well as opportunities to secure cash multipliers of up to 50x and a double bonus for completing a lap of the board. The Chance free spin lets you play again for nothing, while top properties such as Mayfair, Park Lane and Fleet Street bring more money your way.

More MegaJackpots

Continuing the theme of iconic board games, look out for MegaJackpots Cluedo. Here, players again compete for the top prize, but this time they can enjoy playing along with the exciting murder mystery game, where they will doubtless hope the solution is the player, in the bank, with the jackpot.