An Overview Of Online Sticky Bonuses With Experts


Many players often get puzzled by the term” sticky bonus”, especially those players who for some reason have been out of touch with the online casino industry for the last few years. Well, let us try to understand what these online sticky bonuses are all about. Read on to know more.

What are casino sticky bonuses? Earlier there was only one kind of bonus, the sign up bonus. The “Sticky bonus” requires a bit of explanation. Initially, when bonuses were offered by the online casinos to attract players, many gamblers started to take advantage of their generous offers. They use to play the game a little and then cash out the never to return. It is believed that this probably led to the origins of the sticky bonus. Not wanting to deprive gamblers from playing their favorite games like blackjack, roulette and craps, and still offer them bonuses, the casino marketing people thought and decided to create a new kind of casino bonus, the sticky bonus.

What is different about this bonus is that once you have cleared the requirements and are making a withdrawal, you will get all other cash and winnings you have in your account except the sticky bonus which will remain with the casino. Thus we can say that casino sticky bonuses allow you to make large bets with risking less money. You can think of it just boosting your online bankroll for these sticky bonuses tend to be much bigger than the sign up bonuses. Plus they also usually have much lighter wagering requirements.

You will come across usually two types of online sticky bonuses. The first kind will disappear once you make your first withdrawal. You will get your winnings leaving the sticky bonus. The other kind of casino sticky bonuses comes with an expiration date. When you make a withdrawal, the bonus will not disappear; but will remain in your account, ready to be used until the expiry date. Just make sure to read the terms of use of the promotion before using any sticky bonus online.

One can usually locate online sticky bonuses by typing “sticky” in the search option in the homepage of an online casino site.