AVT SMS Bundle for NetSuite

AVT SMS Bundle for NetSuite allows you to communicate with Suppliers, Customers, Employees, Partners and Contractors using SMS notifications within NetSuite.


SMS Bundle for NetSuite

Integrated SMS notifications with all aspects of your business processes. Notify suppliers, customers, employees, contractors on business specific alerts

Version: First Available: 1/1/2014
Languages: English Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld, NetSuite CRM+
  • Save
  • Reduce
  • Improve Customer

more Benefits to boost up your business

  • Use SMS to communicate with different suppliers
  • Promote collaboration within your business
  • Reduced administrative overheads with sending notifications
  • Create better customer engagement
  • Improve productivity and communication efficiency
  • Provide Superior customer service
  • Accurate message tracking
  • Simplicity in operations

How Can I Communicate More Efficiently?

AVT SMS Notifications allows you to manage and schedule your notification processes in a way so that your work proceeds at an even and efficient pace throughout your organisation – you can quickly notify and communicate with your supplier, customers and employees.


  • Improved Notifications

Improved Notifications

Store BSB and Bank Account No details on the following records:

  • Send Notification to Customers, Supplier & Contacts
  • Send Notifications to Employees
  • Send Notifications on Quotes, Orders and Fulfilment/s
  • Implement Customised Notification processes within your business
  • Send notification on behalf of different individuals
  • Merge records with preset templates and create new templates
  • Send SMS Campaigns to Groups

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