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Inventory Management Tool

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Version:2.0 First Available: 1/9/2009
Languages: English Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld


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more Benefits to boost up your business

  • Quick, drag and drop text files to save time entry in NetSuite.
  • Create mass adjustments quickly.
  • Perform stock adjustments quickly.
  • Move stock quickly from one location to another.

This tool improves stock management performance in the following areas:

  • Stock Take Process: Enhances the scalability and performance when entering new stock in NetSuite
  • Stock Re-evaluation Process Allows users to perform mass stock re-evaluations
  • Stock Transfer Process Allows transfers of inventory to multiple locations with ease
  • Opening Stock Take Up process Simplifies the process of importing all the new inventories into Netsuite on a mass scale when taking over a new company
  • Disposal of Stock process Simplifies the stock disposal process by supplying the current quantity on hand as a negative value to get rid of the stock. Any gains/losses from the disposal can be netted off to the inventory variance expense account.


  • Inventory Management – Start
  • Save
  • Reconcile

Inventory Management – Start

Drag and drop your worksheet.


Check your sheet and save.


Check Journal Totals in NetSuite.

Any errors, simply delete the Adjustment record in NetSuite to reverse the transaction and start again.

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