HSBC Payment Connector for NetSuite

This Suite App allows the creation of HSBC compliant files for AU, USA and EMEA regions for High Value and Low Value Transactions out of your NetSuite account. Pay your suppliers and bulk email out Remittance Advice with payment reference confirmation.


Make EFT payments using your HSCBC Account and Send Remittance Advice HSBC ISO compliant Supports 3 Major Regions and High Value(HV) and Low Value(LV) segmentation:




Version: First Available: 8/1/2013
Languages: English Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
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more Benefits to boost up your business

  • Generate HSBC EFT file to Pay your Supplier/Employees.
  • Manage High Value and Low Value Transactions
  • Bulk email out Remittance Advice to your Suppliers after payments.


  • Store EFT Details in Netsuite
  • Vendor Bill Payment EFT
  • Employee Bill Payments

Store EFT /DD Details in Netsuite

Store BSB and Bank Account No details on the following records:

  • Vendor
  • Employee

Vendor Bill Payment EFT

Select your vendor bills to pay

Employee Bill Payments

Select your employee bill payments to create the HSBC file

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