Fixed Asset Register for NetSuite

AVT Asset Register allows you to manage & track your assets within NetSuite.


Asset RegisterIs your asset management a manual and time consuming process?

No more spreadsheets – reduce the amount of time it takes to administer your assets.

AVT Asset Register for NetSuite allows you to manage your assets easily. Track and control your assets accurately from order, purchasing through to disposal.

Version: First Available: 8/1/2010
Languages: English Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
  • Save
  • Reduce
  • Improve Customer

more Benefits to boost up your business

  • Capital Cost Allocation and Capital Planning.
  • Asset Tracking and Management.
  • A functional solution for your business administrative problem of asset management.
  • Manage, track and monitor your assets from purchase through to disposal in one place.
  • Affordable, easy to implement, setup and use.

Manage All Assets In One Place – Get Rid of Spreadsheets

With AVT Asset Register you can easily manage all your assets in one place. You will save time and will be able to track assets more accurately within NetSuite. This solution will allow your business to be more efficient and productive when managing your assets.


  • Reporting, Functionality and Features
  • Create Asset on Bills Automation
  • Asset Disposal
  • Asset Revaluation
  • Asset Lists & records

Reporting, Functionality and Features


  • Run your Asset Current Value and Depreciation reports as of a particular date.
  • Go back in time; view asset values within a particular period.
  • View report by asset categories.
  • View reports by location, departments and class.
  • Asset labelling and bar-coding.
  • Click through and drill down views from reports.

Functionality and Features

  • Bulk Create assets from Bills.
  • Bulk Depreciate Assets.
  • Bulk creation of depreciation schedules.
  • Bulk processing of asset depreciations.
  • Asset Revaluation.
  • Asset Disposal/Sale

Create Asset on Bills Automation

  • Multiple assets can be easily created from bills.
  • Assets can be created through Expense category or through Expense Items tabs on the bills.

Asset Disposal

  • Disposal tracked against the asset with Selling Value and P/L figures.

Asset Revaluation

  • Revalue your assets easily.

Asset Lists & records

  • Asset Record extendible and configurable as per your business needs.
  • Easy to use asset listing.

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