IFS SmartFreight Integration for NetSuite

The AVT IFS SmartFreight® integration for NetSuite offers you both a cost-effective and time-crucial solution to suit all your shipping needs for Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom


IFS SmartFreight® Integration Is your supply-chain logistics complex?

We understand your demand for just-in-time shipping. The AVT IFS SmartFreight® integration for NetSuite offers you both a cost-effective and time-crucial solution to suit all needs. IFS SmartFreight® can be customised to meet your specific logistical requirements.

Version: First Available: 8/1/2011
Languages: English Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
  • Save
  • Reduce
  • Improve Customer

more Benefits to boost up your business

  • Choose the fastest delivery option – at the best value
  • Automate the booking and dispatch process across your supply chain. The system reduces chances of incorrect delivery and date entry errors
  • Provides visibility of delivery status – track the full cycle of shipping goods in NetSuite; from order placement, to warehouse, to choice of carrier, to postage of goods, and to the delivery of goods to your customer
  • Allows you to control costs of delivery – through electronically controlled freight route optimisation
  • Provides freedom to manage carriers easily


  • Reduce Costs and Save Time
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Interactive Integration
  • Carrier Compliant Label

How Do I Reduce Costs and Save Time With IFS SmartFreight®?

IFS SmartFreight® manages all the available transport providers’ associated service offerings, zones, rates, and delivery schedules. It will allow you to ship anywhere, whilst ensuring the optimal rate for the level of service required is selected for each shipment.

Real-time exchange of information with other supply-chain execution modules, transport carriers, and customers

How Do I Improve Customer Satisfaction With IFS SmartFreight®?

  • Just-in-time shipping made possible by real-time courier booking and real-time freight tracking.
  • Track and trace data is being retrieved from the relevant transport provider to provide visibility to both shipper and customer.
  • Completion of delivery cycle is accurate.

AVT IFS SmartFreight® Interactive Integration is 100% Compliant With All Australian & New Zealand Freight Carriers

  • One solution for multi-carrier freight shipping.
  • Least Cost Routing – you select the cheapest carrier based on the shipping address and the post code of the consignment.
  • B2B and B2C carrier selection and routing – based on residential and non-residential addresses.
  • One common platform for printing carrier-compliant labels, assign tracking/consignment note numbers, and prepare end-of-day manifests and reports.
  • AVT IFS SmartFreight® integration is 100% compliant with all Australian & New Zealand freight carriers.
  • With this SuiteApp solution you maintain your independence; the system belongs to you, not a freight company.
  • The system uses accepted standard stationery & internet connectivity to provide accurate documentation & electronic data required by all freight carrier.

Carrier Compliant Label

  • Choose carrier and parcel amount, weight and size.
  • View goods shipment booking.
  • View costing of goods shipment.
  • Get label print out.

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