Systems Integration (SI)

Connecting Your Users And Processes Together.


Most organisations have difficulty integrating their existing systems. AVT can simplify the integration for you. We offer a number of solutions including OpenSource and Cloud Integration platforms. Our SI professions can help you integrate your business systems quickly and effectively.

Systems Integration

Reasons for Better Integration

Key Challenges

  • Difficult modification and maintenance – each new system will require new links making the structure more and more complex and deepening chaos of communication
  • Inefficiency – a lot of the associations are based on a common communication medium, sometimes of a low quality, e.g. enterprise field controller network – the complex structure will necessitate transferring the same data over the network many times and, finally, cause a waste of the bandwidth
  • Costs – if communication is based on the third-party infrastructure, the fee for the data transfer may be significant. Additionally, a strong dependence on the independent operator increases
  • Partial interoperability –the data presentation and description at the link sink is precisely suited to the systems it services and, therefore, data cannot be accessed directly by other systems
  • Mess – in a real world enterprise there can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of subsystems in every layer (in the figure above there are only a few components). Maintenance and documentation of such a complex architecture is a real challenge for administrators.
  • Anarchy – if subsystems have different methods of authorization, authentication and user rights management, it is almost impossible to keep an appropriate level of security. As a consequence, some data can be lost because the rules are too weak or communication cannot be established because the rules are too strong.

Integration is simplified, supported and managed so you can focus on your business.

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