Converting CRMSDK Templates to Scriptable Templates

All email, fax, system, and campaign email templates using CRMSDK tags will be completely deprecated with Version 2015 Release 2. To help you prepare, this change will be implemented over the next few releases.

Beginning with Version 2014 Release 2, you can no longer create new CRMSDK templates through the NetSuite user interface, but you may still edit existing CRMSDK templates.
You can no longer create or edit CRMSDK templates using SuiteScript.
In Version 2015 Release 1, you will not be able to create or edit CRMSDK templates.
With Version 2015 Release 2, templates using CRMSDK tags will no longer be supported.
To assist in preparing for this change, you can convert CRMSDK templates to scriptable templates.

To convert a CRMSDK template to a scriptable template:

  • View the CRMSDK template you want to convert.
  • Click Convert to Scriptable.
  • If this is an email template select the type of record the template is used for.
  • A new template record is created and the name is appended with (Converted).
  • Check the template to make sure all fields have been converted correctly.
  • Click Save.
  • It is strongly recommended that you test any converted templates before using them. You can view the template in Source mode to review any fields with hidden logic after conversion.

    A few notes on specific tags:

    Tags that can be used in multiple contexts (for example the Class field which can appear on transactions and also on entity records) are converted with conditions to reflect these contexts.
    The following tags are not supported in scriptable templates: NLISSUEDUPLICATEOFURL, NLISSUEDUPLICATEOF, and NLAVILABLEONLINE. These tags are removed when a template is converted.