Box is a cloud platform that helps you securely store, share and manage all your company’s files. Whether you need to secure confidential business information, to develop a custom mobile application or are trying to simplify paper-based office processes, Box can help you do more with your content.

Key Benefits

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Improve Collaboration within your business.

  • Simple, Secure Sharing.
  • File Sharing Platform for your business
  • Online Collaboration
  • Policy and Workflow Management
  • IT and Admin Controls


File Collaboration

Simple, Secure Sharing

Box lets you quickly and easily work securely with anyone – even if they’re outside your firewall. Share large files, view and comment on any kind of document, and connect with coworkers – no matter what device they use.

  • Quick and Easy File Sharing Stop sending insecure, large attachments via email. Instead, use customized Box shared links with passwords, expiration dates and restricted download access.
  • Start Projects Fast Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size, and control what each person has access to. Manage co-owners, editors and view-only collaborators in a few clicks.
  • Share Anywhere Create a secure link from anywhere – web, mobile or desktop – and instantly adjust the security of your files on any device.

Track and Manage

Track, Report and Manage

With Box, you always know when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or starts a conversation about a document. And, as an administrator, you get detailed activity reports to help verify that everyone’s sharing safely.

  • See What’s Happening, Now View file and user activity in real time, search for content across the organization and manage ownership centrally.
  • Instant File Activity Alerts As an individual or an administrator, see what’s happening to important files as edits and comments happen, via email, the Box updates tab or with real-time alerts.
  • See Detailed File and User Reports In the Box admin console, generate detailed user, file and security reports to ensure that your use of Box conforms to company policies and security standards.

Control Your Content

Control Your Content

Do you need to share highly confidential documents? Use the rich permissions and reporting capabilities of Box to get comprehensive control over every document in your business.

  • Granular Permissions Choose from seven different permission types, including “view” or “upload only”, to control exactly who has access to which documents.
  • Need to Know Basis Create secure business processes with features like email uploading (without folder access), content automation and strict security policies.
  • No More Out-of-Date Files Make sure you control what content is available to users with scheduled file deletion and link deactivation features.

Share Externally

Share Externally

Box makes it simple to securely share files and folders.

  • Drag and Drop Files Drag files into a Box folder and quickly share a link with external suppliers, vendors and partners.
  • Manage File Access
  • Share Externally Invite external parties to collaborate and contribute, no matter what phone or tablet they use.

Share Externally

Secure Collaboration

Easily configure permissions and privileges for your organization, departments and even your customers.

  • Set Permissions Protect your content by setting granular permissions for access, preview, editing, download and sharing as both an admin and end-user.
  • Password-Protect Links Share confidential documents with password-protected links. Set expiration dates. Lock your files. Or simply delete shared links.
  • Get Access Stats Know when, and how, often your files have been viewed with granular controls and reporting.

Project Manage

Project Management

All the files for your project can live in one common, secure place online, so your team always has access to the latest version.

  • Manage Deadlines Get access to project timelines and requirements, no matter where you are. Access information easily from any tablet, phone or computer and quickly search across and inside files.
  • Stay Organized Arrange project plans, documents, budgets and presentations in simple, intuitive folders. Use Box Notes to work with your team in real-time on outlines, plans, meeting notes, status updates and more—right within Box.
  • Assign Tasks With Box, automate simple processes, centralize feedback, and manage approvals so you can track versions and assign tasks quickly.

Project Manage

Secure Sync for Business

Use Box Sync and all of your files are securely and automatically synced between your desktop and your online Box folders. You always have easy access to your files from any device.

  • Always Have the Right Content With Sync, you have the latest information instantly, no matter how the file was updated.
  • Access Everything, Anywhere View, share and edit any kind of file, wherever you are, online or off.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security With end-to-end encryption, you know you’re syncing securely.

Box Solution and Integration Support

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