About AVT

AVT delivers integrated cloud business solutions for SMEs. We help businesses achieve efficiency and productivity by unifying all business operations into one, single integrated business solution. Focused on manufacturing, wholesale and distribution verticals, with over 500+ business improvement projects and 10 years of NetSuite cloud ERP deployments.

Expertise, Experience and Goals

Our solutions are designed for small to mid-size companies to help them manage growth and achieve their financial and business objectives. Our expertise is in helping businesses use process optmisation and technology to digitalise, streamline and automate their processes so they can track, measure and improve all aspects of their business. We partner with our clients to achieve long term growth and work consistently to reduce costs and help improve their business.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are developed and implemented on some of the leading business cloud platforms including NetSuite, Salesforce.com, Google, Box and Concur. The Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) model allows our customers to lease software solutions and scale and adapt to their business needs.

How we got here

Founded in 2006, we partnered with NetSuite Inc, leading cloud ERP provider to deliver true cloud solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2006, we have helped over 250+ companies in Distribution, Manufacturing and Service verticals across Australia, NewZealand, USA and Asia. Our aim is to deliver big business technology to small and mid-size organisations so they can focus on growing their business. Adoption of new technology and transformations are not easy, specially when we have to make decisions that have long term implications. Our customers gain access to experts and best practice recommendations to make better and informed decisions about the right technology and solutions.

Why work with us?

Deploying a new business system is not an easy task. We offer you experience, expertise and flexibility in customising a new cloud ERP and CRM solution for your business. Unlike other software vendors we will not waste your time with generic product training. Our solution implementation is around your specific business needs and processes. Our end user training is also based around your implementation, which in return will help your business succeed. We offer continuous business process improvements to all our customers and help them innovate to make them more competitive and unique.

For existing customers of NetSuite, Salesforce.com and our other technology partners, AVT will help you maximise your investment in your current software and work with you to innovate new processes and solutions that will help you to further streamline and improve your business.

Executive Leadership

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    Dr. Gaurav Srivastava

    CEO & CTO

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    Melanie Srivastava

    Operations Director

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    Ross Leahy

    Services Director

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    Kirk Davis

    Financial Controller, CPA

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